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Our Story

Glamour you can afford

It takes one to know one........

 (A born retailer that is)

Ann and I have worked in retail all of our adult lives. From the sales floor to the boardroom we have worked at the highest levels in many High Street retailers.

Next, Littlewoods, River Island are some of the companies where we learned our trade. Our paths collided at Texstyle World where I was Buying Director and Ann was Merchandise Controller, we then moved to KlickPhotpoint/Max Spielman and ultimately decided that we would rather travel the world sourcing for our own business at times of our choosing and make sales and profits for ourselves rather than other people.

Thus, began Rosa Red. We had young families and we wanted to achieve that elusive work/ life balance. We wanted to create a business that offered grown up glamour for grown up women. We understand the power that comes from having just the right accessory at just the right time. We use colour palettes that work for every woman’s wardrobe, we offer prices that work for every woman’s purse.

We pride ourselves on the distinctive nature of our products and we constantly strive to provide you, the customer, with the best of everything - product, price and customer service.

Every piece of our jewellery is handmade, hand painted and hand polished. It is nickel free and is tested by the Assay office to keep us in line with European regulations.

Over 60 years experience. We hope it shows......

Marie and Ann